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This is a simple way to get your edging right.  If you have curved garden beds a garden hose will achieve the same result.

Hedges are a stunning addition to any garden, however, to achieve this level of perfection you will need to engage the services of an experienced gardener.  


Also, don't let your hedge get too tall as many gardeners will not be able to prune them anymore.  With the introduction of new OH&S legislation, gardeners will have to use scaffolding on large hedges which will increase the cost of the job considerably.  

This is one of our regular maintained hedges.

Usually, climbing roses are used on arbors.  However, these lemon trees are beautiful.  Other fruit trees or even climbing Geraniums would also work well.


Small yards, no problem.  This is just a lovely example of what can be done with a little loving tender care and so much more enjoyable than a weed infested, brown lawn.  

Use pinecones as a mulch to keep dogs, cats and other digging animals out of your garden beds.

If you're building a fence, a retaining wall or a garden bed, set a course of flat pavers or bricks along side it. That way, your mower can cut all the grass—no trimming by hand needed. The stones should protrude about 4 in. from the wall and stand at least an inch above the soil so grass doesn't creep over them.

Even on a sloping block you can have a beautiful lawn.

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