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Margate is predominantly flat and therefore it’s important to create points of interest.  Ornamental hedges and tress all add character and create privacy in your garden.  We can assist in maintaining trees and hedges by giving them a regular prune.


Alternatively, we can provide a range of services including lawn mowing, weeding, laying mulch and garden clean ups.  Our full garden maintenance package is particularly popular and we can customise packages to suit your requirements.


So if you live in tranquil Margate but your garden is not relaxing and inviting, then just contact us to book in a free, no obligation quote.

Garden clean up in Margate


The brief for this property was a full garden clean up.  Our gardeners had to whipper snip the long grass first, then rake it all up before being able to mow the lawn.  This was followed by weeding the garden beds, removing some plants and vegetation and installing edging.  We finished this job by laying gum bark which is a great mulch for water retention and very suitable for windy areas.

With regular mowing and a dose of weed and feed lawn fertilizer, the lawn will look lush and green in a couple of months.


After a big clean up weeds will grow back quickly as the seedpods have no competition from overgrown vegetation.  We recommend using a herbicide or regular hand weeding to keep on top of any regrowth.


Any plants that have been heavily pruned should be watered during dry periods to encourage new growth.  In time this will make the garden appear lush and beautiful.  


If planting new plants it's important to improve the soil first by digging in some organic matter. This will assist water retention and will ensure a thriving garden.  


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