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We provide reliable garden maintenance services.  You know exactly when we are coming.  If we have to postpone due to poor weather, we will contact you with an alternative date.


Karl's Home and Garden Services provides the following services:

Commercial Machinery

We only use quality commercial lawn mowers which give a superior cut.  Our service includs edging, mowing, removal of grass clipping and clean up of paths.

Hand Weeding

We are one of a few gardeners that provide a hand weeding service. We can also control weeds with an aquatic registered herbicide (registered for use around waterways).

Hand Pruning

Our hand pruning services will keep your roses and fruit trees in great condition with wonderful results.  We use only the best equipment and therefore can prune any plant back into shape.

Hedge Trimming

No hedge is too large.  We have all the equipment required to shape your hedge or individual bushes into a masterpiece.  We also have extensive experience with heritage listed hedges. 

Laying of mulch and stones

We can provide advice on the type of stone or mulch best suited to your garden, arrange delivery and spread the mulch.

We have all the tools, energy and know-how to turn a jungle into a beautiful garden.  Large clean-ups can be undertaken at any time of the year.  However, a more cost effective way is to tackle the transformation in winter as there is less green waste to remove.


We can also provide advise on changing your existing garden into a low maintenance yard or drought proof garden. 

15 years experience
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